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Spring Cleaning Checklist: 50 Tasks to Tackle This Season

Spring Cleaning Checklist: 50 Tasks to Tackle This Season

Spring Cleaning Checklist: 50 Tasks to Tackle This Season

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your home and get rid of the winter blues. To help you get started, here's a comprehensive checklist of 50 tasks to tackle during your spring cleaning spree:


1. Clean and organize pantry shelves.
2. Deep clean oven and stovetop.
3. Descale and sanitize coffee maker.
4. Clean refrigerator coils and vacuum refrigerator coils.
5. Wipe down cabinet doors and knobs.
6. Clean and sanitize cutting boards.
7. Defrost and clean freezer.
8. Clean microwave inside and out.
9. Empty and clean out trash and recycling bins.
10. Clean and organize under the sink.


11. Scrub and disinfect shower and bathtub.
12. Clean and sanitize toilet, including behind and around the base.
13. Clean and organize bathroom cabinets and drawers.
14. Wipe down mirrors and glass surfaces.
15. Replace shower curtain liner.
16. Scrub grout and tile.
17. Clean and organize medicine cabinet.
18. Disinfect toothbrush holders and soap dishes.
19. Launder bath mats and shower curtains.
20. Declutter and organize toiletries and cosmetics.

Living Areas:

21. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures.
22. Vacuum and spot clean upholstery.
23. Clean and polish wood furniture.
24. Dust and clean blinds and window treatments.
25. Wash interior windows and window sills.
26. Vacuum and mop floors.
27. Clean and sanitize remote controls and electronics.
28. Launder curtains and drapes.
29. Clean baseboards and trim.
30. Dust and polish decorative items and knick-knacks.


31. Rotate and flip mattresses.
32. Wash bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, and comforters.
33. Vacuum and flip area rugs.
34. Declutter and organize closets and dressers.
35. Dust and clean nightstands and bedside tables.
36. Clean and sanitize light switches and doorknobs.
37. Launder pillows or air them out in the sun.
38. Wipe down headboards and footboards.
39. Vacuum under the bed.
40. Donate or store out-of-season clothing and accessories.


41. Clean and organize entryway or mudroom.
42. Sweep and mop entryway floors.
43. Wipe down front door and doormat.
44. Clean and organize garage or storage shed.
45. Wash outdoor furniture and cushions.
46. Clean grill and barbecue equipment.
47. Sweep and wash outdoor walkways and patios.
48. Prune bushes and trees in the yard.
49. Clean gutters and downspouts.
50. Schedule HVAC maintenance and change air filters.

With this comprehensive checklist, you can tackle every corner of your home and enjoy a fresh start for the spring season.