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Astrological Traits of the Element Fire

Fire is both destructive and nourishing. On a cold winter day, there is nothing more calming to the soul than curling up by a roaring fire with a good book or cherished love one.

On the other side, there is no other force on earth more destructive than a raging, out of control fire. Fire nourishes the human body by providing us heat to cook our food and light with which to see. And, there is nothing more painful than having a part of your body taken by fire or flame.

Fire signs draw attention to themselves. Those under the influence of Fire have charm and charge on their side. They have an infectious enthusiasm that makes them natural leaders, so people just can’t help but to follow them.

They take the role of leader seriously and do it well. For fire people, managing others comes naturally. They are decisive, compassionate, understanding yet firm.

Fire people make excellent entrepreneurs. They possess the determination, drive, and plain stubbornness needed to make a new endeavor to thrive in today’s tough business world.

Fire people have an innate ability to see through all of the confusing distractions right to the heart of the matter. And, they possess the strength and determination to successfully navigate themselves and their team through any and all obstacles. What they can not finesse around, they will burn through.

Those born to the fire element tend to be restless. They need excitement and novelty to be happy. While they are leaders, they find relationships difficult because fire often lacks the stability needed to sustain close relationships.

Fire rules the circulatory system and the heart, making these top areas of concern. Fire people should take special care to maintain these systems. Carve out time for exercise and meditation each day and pay attention to diet.


Fire people tend to hold their stress and so it is important to engage in recreational activities the person finds relaxing.

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