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Astrology – Traits of the Zodiac Sign Leo

Just as the lion is the king of the jungle, Leo is the king of the Zodiac.  Leo is a fire sign, falling right in the hottest part of the summer at the center of the year—which is perfect, since Leo loves to be the center of attention.

Leo is a born leader, cheerful and optimistic.  They conquer obstacles the same way a lion conquers their foes—like a hunter, who spots his prey, stalks, and pounces.  Leos tend to be very focused on their goals and ambitions.

Leo is a model of generosity, with one of the biggest hearts of the entire Zodiac.  They love to share.  They are also the life of the party, always prepared to order a round of drinks or offer up a hilarious joke.

Leos like to do things on a grand scale, with special attention to clothing and cars.  Leos attract attention, and the things they own tend to reflect this.

One weakness that Leos need to beware of is arrogance.  Being natural leaders, Leos can sometimes fall into the trap of expecting other people to “take care of” those annoying details that should be beneath them.  Not only are they natural leaders, they expect to be the leader, and will fight for that position when challenged.  They don’t like changes to the routine once their leadership role has been established.

These are the same things that haunt a Leo through a career.  Their ambition makes it difficult for them to “climb the corporate ladder,” and the worst sort of job they can find themselves in is the one where they are “just one gear in the machine.”  Their impatience to take the reins will sometimes drive them out of the workforce and into their own business or entertainment.

Leo loves to get in front of a crowd.  They are natural class clowns and show-offs, and professionally or not, enjoy performing or presenting.

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